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No Motorcycle License Required


We require all of our customers to meet the following general requirements:

  • For a moped, you must have a current, valid U.S. or State or International standard Driver’s License.
  • You must be at least 18 years of age – and act it. Driver’s Permits are NOT accepted.
  • You must demonstrate adequate riding skills. A pre-ride evaluation may be conducted to verify you are skilled in the operation of these vehicles.
  • You MUST wear a helmet, that is why we provide one for you.
  • You agree not to allow anyone other than yourself or other authorized renters under your rental agreement to operate your assigned moped.
  • You agree not to perform stunts of any kind on your rental vehicle, including but not limited to, drifting or burnouts. We reserve the right to terminate your rental agreement and retake possession of the vehicle in response to a violation of any of the foregoing.

We require all of our customers to meet the following insurance requirements:

Rental insurance is required. You are required to purchase state mandated minimum liability insurance from our insurance provider. The cost for this is $15.00 per day and is not included in the rental rate. This insurance is mandatory and must be purchased by the customer prior to taking custody of the moped rental. Medical insurance is not provided and is the responsibility of the customer.

If, for any reason, the moped rental gets damaged, the amount needed for the repair will be deducted out of your security deposit. All coverage and waivers are subject to the terms and conditions of the rental contract and do not include coverage for property, personal or otherwise, or damage as a result of negligence on the part of the renter or passenger for any illegal use of the moped or its use under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Keep in mind you are responsible for the operation of your moped rental.

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