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No Motorcycle License Required


Yes. Motor insurance is required for all mopeds in the state of Texas.

No. Texas House bill 3171 omitted the requirement for mopeds. “Moped” means a motor vehicle that is equipped with a rider’s saddle and designed to have when propelled not more than three wheels on the ground, that cannot attain a speed in one mile of more than 30 miles per hour, and the engine of which:

  • (A) cannot produce more than five-brake horsepower; and
  • (B) if an internal combustion engine has a piston displacement of 50 cubic centimeters or less and connects to a power drive system that does not require the operator to shift gears.
No. Texas law states that a moped cannot be operated in Texas on public highways with a posted speed limit of above 45mph with the exception of crossing at an intersection on public highways with posted speed limits of 45mph or higher.
Yes, all moped riders must wear a DOT approved helmet.
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